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From ancient India, Jaagruti means the first sunrise of the East early in the morning of new year; add the fresh air from Hiramaya, and become the cradle of the ancient heroes. Every wheel shape, design all inject into the legends of heroic perseverance, endurance and ambition to be the top.




concept comes from the voice of drum African jungle, mixed with modern Hihops rhythm; a touch from the soul of fighters.


FIERRO, aka STEEL in Spanish, its will hard as steel; exercise to be iron, and follow the Aztec spirit. The bravery of warriors, totem from warriors and the mysterious lead into the Mayan Inca fantasy. In Latino adventure to explore the world of Columbus.



KURO is black, but the endless sky of the universe is littered with stars, and filled with the color of the aurora. KURO,sharp as samurai blade, is clever and elegant like Japanese culture, adding a sense of Tokyo drift wave speed and turning into the world of KURO. Japanese concept in Edo Bafuku time and turns back to modern Tokyo. Mixed with most update design for tuning and colorful outlook.




AKUMA, masters from video games and sumo champion, is gigantic but light and holds the Japanese traditionl technics. The integration of traditional and modern means lightweight and high-quality products for green energy vehicles.

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