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Once you sign-up for a Reseller/Distributor account, you will be able to access discounted pricing and other benefits, such as exclusive deals on products and sales.
Please provide us the following certificate/form by email or fax:
• A copy of a valid seller's permit is required.
• If you are paying by credit card, please download and fill out the Credit Card Payment Application form.
• If you are applying for net terms, please download and fill out the Customer Credit Application form.
After we receive all the information from you, your Reseller/Distributor account will be created within 24 hours. Our only requirement to become a reseller is that you have an established business that sells products or offers services to end-users.

At Ark Nova, we understand the need for customer satisfaction. Your account will be assigned an account representative that will handle your account in case there are problems or if you prefer calling in to place an order. We offer free technical support for all of our products. If you can't find a product or are having problems with a product, you can call your account representative at any time to help you out.


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